Research and Technology Transfer Services Directorate – University of Pisa

The University of Pisa has a rich academic community made of more than 1700 researchers, part of the many Departments and Centres. The Research Units of these structures offer the main assistance on project management. The Research and Technology Transfer Services Directorate complements the action carried out by the Research Units by providing information and advice in relation to call for proposals and funding opportunities, promotion, enhancement, and evaluation of research. The Directorate’s role is also central in horizontal areas, such as open access and ethics in research, or areas that require central coordination, e.g., the collection of data of interest and research outcomes, the collection of input, suggestions and guidance useful in defining the position of the University of Pisa on issues related to research.

RESEARCH SERVICES UNITS support UNIPI professors and researchers by

Research Promotion and Design Unit

  • Supporting lobbying actions at major funding bodies, associations and interest groups/networks related to research funding strategies and practices
  • Promoting and managing UNIPI’s participation in the TOUR4EU association, the European alliance CircleEU and other networks
  • Promoting research partnerships and collaborations, both external and internal, and fostering their visibility to internal stakeholders
  • Designing: support for the drafting and review of project proposals

Research Management Unit

  • Supporting and advising research and administrative staff on management and reporting of funded research projects
  • Directly managing and/or coordinating strategic research projects, identified by the Research and Technology Transfer Services Directorate and the Research Units
  • Managing the University’s incentive measures for research projects
  • Promoting tools for the dissemination of good practices in the management of research projects
  • Managing cross-cutting aspects of research activities, e.g., ethics, data protection, Bioethics Committee, Open Science, research facilities/equipment
  • Supporting regulatory adjustments in matters regarding Research

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